Hog Roast Reigate Repeat Catering For A Youth Hostel!

For the third year running, the Hog Roast Reigate team found ourselves in the middle of our lovely local countryside last Friday night catering for the summer season launch party of a rural youth hostel!  As with all of our repeat clients, once they had tasted our superior slow-roasted meat, nothing else will do and they keep coming back for more!

Its remote countryside location makes the hostel the ideal stopping point for hikers during the summer season, but it always closes for the winter months as it is practically inaccessible during a cold snap. People love the place and come back summer after summer, but even so, the hostel owners want to make sure everyone knows they are open for business again and ready to welcome their guests back by having a re-opening party on their first night! They decided to hire Hog Roast Reigate for the 3rd year running, because our irresistible slow-roasted buffet had been such a huge success on the 2 previous years, they knew we would help to get the bookings flooding in! We are also always their number one catering option for practical reasons. Given the location, it would not be feasible for most catering companies to access the venue, but our Hogmaster machine is so easy to transport and our multitasking team keep the number of staff required on-site down to the absolute minimum without compromising on quality or service, so it was no problem at all for us to get there or cook there!

True to form, our slow-roasted pork with all the trimmings and our imaginative vegetarian platter ensured the hotel was teeming with outdoor enthusiasts all hungry to get out on the hills and just as hungry to try our tempting food! We also provided gluten-free bread rolls as requested, ensuring all needs were catered for and everyone was well fed before venturing onto the fells the next day! The hostel owners checked their figures and told us that this year their opening night was busier than ever, and Hog Roast Reigate were warmly welcomed back to do it all again next year!