Milestone 30th Party Catering From Hog Roast Godalming

Hog Roast Godalming caters in all seasons and in all kinds of weather, so if you’re planning a party or event in one of the colder (or wetter!) times of the year, rest assured that we can still easily cater for you and your guests regardless. From spooky Halloween parties to office Christmas functions, posh wedding receptions to back yard barbecues, we can cook you a delicious feast from under our gazebo, inside a marquee tent or even indoors if you have enough space and ventilation.

Hog Roast GodalmingWhen Summer contacted Hog Roast Godalming with regards catering her 30th birthday celebration, she wanted to try one of our sumptuous centrepiece hog roasts, which we would roast inside a marquee in the grounds of a local hotel. With her birthday being in October, Summer knew it could be chilly and maybe rainy, so a marquee would be ideal for her and her fifty guests, and the aromas of the hog roast filling the insides would be an added bonus.

It came round to the day of the party on Saturday, and our Hog Roast Godalming chef and catering assistants arrived at the venue several hours before we were due to serve, as it takes a long time to cook a hog roast to absolute perfection. Our chef prepared the meat by scoring it and covering it in lots of water to keep it moist throughout the cooking process and then massaging in lots of salt, which produces the scrumptious crackling, and then it was sizzling away for an age.

Summer had also asked us to provide some additional options of sweet potato wedges, coleslaw and mac and cheese, which would all be suitable for her vegetarian guests as well as everyone else if they fancied. Later on in the day, we freshly prepared these sides and set the two hot dishes cooking, sliced the bread rolls and arranged them with wraps on our serving tables, dished up our own homemade apple sauce and stuffing and then by 6pm, the hog roast was ready to be carved and Summer’s birthday feast was finally ready for her and her hungry guests.