Hog Roast Dorking’s Delicious Feast To Celebrate A 65th Birthday

It may surprise you but Hog Roast Dorking can provide so much more than just our signature food. While we’ve spent a long time perfecting our fabulous hog roasts, which are loved by so many customers, both old and new, we’ve also spent years perfecting all of our menus. We can cook you a spit-roasted meat instead of or as well as a hog roast or barbecue a selection of meat for you and your guests, like burgers, sausages and ribs. We can prepare, cook and serve our Southern Slow Roast Menu if you prefer, which gives you three marinated meats and four sides, as well as a veggie option if needed. Plus when it comes to other diets, just let us know your needs and we will let you know all our various possibilities, to make sure everyone invited gets to enjoy our yummy food.

Hog Roast DorkingIt’s not just meaty and alternative mains that Hog Roast Dorking can impress your guests with, either. We can make multiple course menus, including delicious homemade starters and desserts, handmade canapés and various hot or cold sides if needed, too. Whatever you’re thinking of us serving your guests at your next party or event, we can make it happen and help make it all go with a bang, whether or not it’s for a Fireworks Night function!

Hog Roast Dorking recently catered a birthday party for Barbara, who was celebrating turning 65 together with her friends and family at her daughter’s home. We are often asked to cater in back gardens and yards and for this party, we would be cooking outside, right by the huge conservatory where we would be serving indoors.

Barbara had asked us to provide a hog roast in order for us to make lots of pigs in buns but she also needed a vegetarian dish. After perusing our menus, she decided on our homemade vegetable medley tart to be served at the same time as the meaty main.

Our team cooked up a storm yesterday at the lovely home venue and once the tart was cooked and the meat and crackling had been carved away, it was time to serve the hungry guests some truly tasty food.