Hog Roast Chiddingford: Don’t Let The Weather Stop You From Taking Your Event Outdoors!

Have you got an outdoor event coming up? And are you worried that the chilly autumn weather will spoil your special day? Well, worry no longer, because you’ve come to the right place!

Hog Roast ChiddingfordYou probably already guessed by our name, but at Hog Roast Chiddingford our speciality is, of course, hog roasts. Much to our delight, this age-old cooking method has sky-rocketed in popularity over the past few years among both corporate and personal event planners. However, what you might not have realised about these sensational feasts, is that all of our menus are ideal for serving indoors and out – no matter what the weather forecast has in store for us. This is all thanks to our lightweight gas-run cooking equipment which can be easily manoeuvred by our team to the most convenient location.

This year, hosting events outdoors has been unavoidable for most – which was a breeze during the summer months. But now that winter is slowly creeping up on us all, Hog Roast Chiddingford has been receiving lots of queries about how appropriate it is to serve our spit roasted pigs outside to guests at this side of the year. Our answer? Come, rain, shine, snow, hail…well, you get the idea! Whatever the weather, you can always rely on our crew to deliver an authentic hog roast feast that won’t soon be forgotten by your guests.

Having had some initial concerns about how the weather might impact their day, (and their guests) Derek and Amanda were one of many couples who had asked for our advice on how to go about their wedding catering. Right away, the Hog Roast Chiddingford catering manager was able to ease their fears by letting them know how popular our hog roasts are – even in the thick of winter! But, to avoid having guests left out in the cold, our marquees are a wonderful choice that many clients opt for, and for Derek and Amanda, it seemed like the ideal solution.

On the day of the event, the wedding party were pleasantly surprised to discover that biting into the pulled pork stuffed crusty bread rolls was a truly soul-warming experience that left warmed them up within minutes!