A Hog Roast Fetcham Feast For A Great Corporate Event

If you’re searching for highly-trained caterers who have plenty of experience providing fresh, tasty food for all kinds of parties and events, look no further than our dedicated chefs and catering assistants at Hog Roast Fetcham. We’ve been devoted to doing just that for a very long time now and you can count on our experts to ensure that the guests invited to your next special occasion will be treated to delicious dishes and excellent service, and you may well be surprised at the price too.

While we can cook a mean Hog Roast Fetcham hog roast, we also fully understand the need for choice and variety when catering both formal and informal occasions. It may be that you’re inviting guests who are on special diets, like vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free, and all you need to do is let us know when you book and we’ll make sure they’re well-fed too. Hog Roast Horley

Alternatively, there may be some guests who prefer different meat to one of our traditional hog roasts but we can spit-roast poultry, beef or lamb, or serve one of our speciality menus, such as our Loaded Fries or Southern Slow Roast. You may instead fancy multiple courses served on the day, like canapés, a starter, a main with sides and a dessert, and we have a great wealth of possibilities that will satisfy varying appetites. If you prefer to just add a side to your main, that’s fine too; in fact, you can mix and match items between our menus in order to create your own if needed.

When Hog Roast Fetcham catered a large event on Wednesday, we slow-roasted a locally-sourced hog for more than five hours so that we could make most of the guests our amazing pigs in buns, which you may know as hog roast rolls. We had also been asked to provide a vegetarian main and two sides that would be suitable for everyone to enjoy, so we grilled fresh vegetables and halloumi to make our popular vegetarian skewers, cooked sweet potato wedges and made our homemade coleslaw. By the time the guests had all arrived, we had a great feast ready to be devoured.