Proud To Offer So Much More Than Our Gorgeous Hog Roasts

In order to make any kind of scrumptious traditional hog roast, our Hog Roast Newchapel experts use only locally-sourced, high-quality meat that we get from trusted suppliers with whom we have long-standing relationships. You can really taste the difference when superior ingredients are used when catering and it’s important to us that our customers and their guests enjoy devouring what we make, whether that’s our signature food or something completely different.

hog roast newchapelWe’ve spent many happy years providing plenty of choice and variety too and while we’re very proud of our hog roast centrepieces, we’re also rightly proud of our alternatives. In terms of meat, that includes more local delights like lamb, beef, turkey and chicken, and we’re also often asked to cook barbecues, whether during the spring and summer months or even in autumn or winter. Our standalone Hog Roast Newchapel Barbecue menu includes our chef’s own gourmet sausages, British beef burgers, marinated spare ribs and chicken kebabs, accompanied by rolls and wraps, our homemade coleslaw, a Greek salad with feta, tomatoes, olives and cucumber and a selection of fries (either chips, sweet potato fries or a mixture of both). It’s a delicious feast that many of our customers ask for again and again!

We also offer more yummy standalone menus, like our three-course Alfresco, our Loaded Fries and our Southern Slow Roast, or you can choose just a hog or spit roast and nothing else if that’s what you’re after. However, we’re incredibly flexible, so if you prefer to design your own menu, you’re welcome to mix and match items between our menus, whether that’s just to add a tasty side or two or to create the menu of your dreams featuring canapés, starters, sides and desserts. Whatever you want and need – it’s all up to you.

Any guests needing options for special diets are not forgotten either, as long as we have advance notice, and with suitable, lovely dishes like vegan barbecued jackfruit buns with slaw, vegetarian skewers and dairy-free mac and cheese, Hog Roast Newchapel has got you covered, so call us today to book your next special occasion!