How We Can Satisfy The Guests At Your Next Corporate Event

For just about any kind of corporate event that you may be organising, Hog Roast Chobham can provide exactly what you need in terms of mouth watering, fresh, homemade food. We’re frequently asked to cater employee training days, workshops, conferences, meetings, staff Christmas parties, customer-focused functions and so much more, and we always strive to practice top-notch service while feeding you and your guests delicious morsels that you won’t forget in a hurry, and we’re sure you’ll be surprised at how easy on your pocket it can be too.

Regardless of the size of your event, the number of people you’re inviting or the location of the venue, Hog Roast Chobham will impress with gorgeous fare, whether that’s with a hog roast centrepiece or a different main and whether you fancy one course, a main with sides, or a great feast of various courses. We offer much more than people often think and that’s because we understand the necessity to often provide alternatives and additional options – either to cater for special diets, varying personal tastes or bigger appetites.

Hog Roast ChobhamIf you’ve already established that a sumptuous hog roast is on the cards for your next corporate do, then we can serve yours as pigs in buns or together with your choice of fresh salads and coleslaw or finely-sourced vegetables and potatoes instead. If you’re after a different meat, we can spit-roast chicken, turkey, lamb or beef, and we can also add side dishes such as mac and cheese, sweet potato fries or corn cobettes, as well as extra courses of welcome canapés, starters and desserts, and there are plenty to choose from within our menus. So, for example, you could order appetisers of chicken satay skewers, mini pizzas, beer-battered mini fish and chips, some Indian delights and gourmet sausages (with or without refreshments), followed by a starter of roast duck breast with seasonal leaves and an orange and pomegranate dressing, a main with multiple sides and then homemade desserts too, like cheesecake and sticky toffee pudding.

Whatever you’re after, we can satisfy you and all of your guests, so call Hog Roast Chobham today to book.