Hog Roaster Hire In Guildford

When it comes to catering special occasions, you will probably know that Hog Roast Guildford puts out all the stops and goes the extra mile to make our customers happy. Nevertheless, what you may not know is that we also do that with regards the sale and rental of our own range of hog roast machines, which we hand build from scratch in our Lancashire factory. We have many customers who have wanted to try their own DIY hog or spit roast, some after enjoying one we’ve cooked for them at an event or party, some who have never cooked in this way before and fancy being a chef and some repeat customers who purchase or hire our equipment for their catering business or even for home use.

Recently, Hog Roast Guildford was approached by Amelia and Toby, who recently started their own wedding catering business. They saw a gap in the market in their area for hog and spit roasts at wedding receptions and wanted to try a machine for themselves, to see if it was something they could work with. Our hog roast machines are actually so simple to use that it takes no time at all to learn how to use one, but we also leave you with instructions to refer back to as well, just in case. Amelia and Toby booked us in to deliver one of our smaller machines to their business premises on Friday, so they could test it out over the weekend at home. Drop-off and collection are included in the price when you hire with Hog Roast Guildford and we can even source the meat for you if you need.

On the Friday, I delivered the machine to the couple myself and walked them through the process of preparing the small hog they had bought and how to use the machine. To cater weddings and other events, they would likely need one of our bigger machines but this particular model would be perfect for a meal at home with family and friends, as a tester.

I collected the machine on Monday morning and the couple were both excited to tell me about the hog they roasted on Saturday and even the barbecue they cooked with our machine on the Sunday, in the lovely sunshine! They’re now deciding which one of our machines to buy for their business.