Hog Roast Staines Catering For A 21st Birthday Celebration!

Hog Roast Staines catered Georgina’s 21st birthday bash over the weekend, and it was an elegant affair at a lovely local hotel. The birthday girl’s father called us to book the party in months before, stating that Georgina’s favourite food of a slow-roasted hog complete with crackling, stuffing and apple sauce would be a great surprise for her on the day. For this party, we were asked to cook the centre-piece hog but also to provide some additional options for guests who may prefer a different meat or who needed special diets catering.

With 100 guests invited, we would be serving canapĂ©s upon the guests’ arrival and providing a drinks service with waiters, serving a sit-down starter and then our hog roast and whole-roasted chicken buffet, followed by a handmade dessert selection served to the tables. We needed to provide alternative main courses for vegetarians and vegans, and Georgina’s father asked us to grill veggie skewers with halloumi for the vegetarian guests and ones without the cheese for the vegan guests. All the starters and desserts would be suitable for vegetarians as well as the carnivores, while vegan guests would have their own suitable dishes. Hog Roast Staines booked in the party and looked forward to catering the great surprise.

Some months later and it was time for our Hog Roast Staines team to head to the hotel grounds hours before the food service, well before any of the guests arrived. It takes a few hours to cook a hog through and through, and we had lots of other tasty dishes to work on too, so we got cracking once the large marquee was up. After the canapé service, the guests would be enjoying our homemade tomato soup and crusty bread rolls to start, then the hog roast (veggie skewers with pitta bread and a tzatziki dip for the vegetarians or with a chilli sauce for the vegans), followed by chocolate torte for most of the guests, with the vegans enjoying a fresh fruit platter.

By 5pm, the guest of honour had arrived, and so had her family and friends, and it was time to start serving up slices of heaven and to help Georgina have a party she’d never forget.