Hog Roast Newdigate – Country Show

Here at Hog Roast Newdigate, we love catering for events that celebrate the amazing achievements of local farmers and food producers, because high quality, local ingredients are the very heart and soul of what we do. That’s why we were thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase our fantastic food at a Country Show this weekend!

This annual event is the culmination of all the effort and hard work that the region’s agricultural experts put in all year round. It is their chance to show off their finest horses, pigs and livestock in a series of competitions throughout the day, all hoping to be rewarded with one of the coveted rosettes. It was the first time Hog Roast Newdigate had been involved in the show and it was our chance to show off what we can achieve with the fabulous ingredients we source from local suppliers!

Seasonal spring lamb served with rosemary and garlic potatoes, alongside a traditional hog roast with all the trimmings, were the meats of choice for the day. Our hog roast machines are not limited to just cooking pork; they are versatile enough to cook any meat to perfection, using the same slow-roasting method, with fabulous results. The event organisers were very impressed with our wide-ranging menus and how we put just as much effort into our extensive selection of salads and seasonal vegetable options to accompany the main course.

Whilst the animal-handlers were busy in the stables and pens, with last minute checks on their prize pigs and horses to ensure they were happy and not getting up to any mischief, our catering staff were applying the finishing touches to the fantastic feast they had been working tirelessly to prepare all day. The competitors and spectators alike commended us on the depth of flavour and tenderness of both the lamb and the pork. They also loved the side dishes and Hog Roast Newdigate’s ability to produce classic flavour combinations with a modern twist. They all agreed that we had definitely done justice to our locally sourced ingredients and if there had been a rosette for the best regional hog roast, we certainly would have won!