Hog Roast Lingfield – Cater A Birthday Party!

We woke up to a blanket of snow last Monday but come rain or shine or snow we are always there with Hog Roast Lingfield! Heading to cater for a birthday party for a new customer. We arrived with plenty of time to spare and we were catering in a hall and had lots of room to cater from. We set up the machines then we began to do our stuff! We placed some beef and lamb onto a machine and almost instantly the room was filled with the most amazing aroma nothing can come close to the smell of our meat cooking. As the Hog Roast Lingfield cooked we began to prepare the sides and made a good selection such as green salad using lots of different lettuce leaves, bowls of tomatoes and cucumber and other salad vegetables were placed on the tables along with some fresh creamy coleslaw and some garlic and honey dip and a nice spicy dip all made fresh. We then had the task of unpacking the freshly baked buns we removed them from the boxes and placed them in baskets.

The tables were looking so good and all that was left was the meats to be carved, the beef and lamb were so tender and cooking on a hog roasting machine retains all the goodness and the meat never shrinks nor dries and is a pleasure to cook. The lady who’s birthday it was gasped as she entered the room and said she was not expecting anything as exquisite she said she was amazed and more so when she tasted the food as were the other guests. The beef was cut into slices and guests helped themselves and made sandwiches the lamb was shredded and again placed in buns some of the guests came over and said the meat just melted in their mouths and they had never tasted anything like it we do like to hear that and we hear it quite often from very satisfied customers. The party went really well and everyone had a good time and a good feed! As when we cleared away, all the Hog Roast Lingfield food had gone and that is a sight we love to see.