Hog Roast Guildford – Birthday Gathering

Today, I catered a small birthday party by myself, providing our hog roast Guildford for 12 guests. With a handful of family members and a few close friends, Kane’s 9th birthday celebration was held at the family home and had a cute safari theme. You may not have known until now that we can cater smaller parties or events, but whether you have a few guests or a thousand, our professional team has the capabilities to do any number that you may have in mind.

A few days ago, Kane’s Dad called to say that he had found out there would be a gluten-free guest at the party and asked if we could provide something suitable. We have much experience in supplying alternative food for those with dietary requirements, so it wasn’t an issue at all, and this guest could still enjoy hog roast rolls like the others, with gluten-free rolls that I would bring along.

I arrived at the house on Sunday afternoon armed with one of our own hog roast Guildford machines, a gazebo and serving table, as well as a small pig. Under normal conditions, it takes about an hour to cook every 10kg of hog, and we cook at your venue from scratch. After scoring it, I got to work preparing the hog with water and salt, meanwhile teaching the birthday boy and his parents all about this way of cooking. Once done, the machine is switched on and the hog just needs a watchful eye for the hours that it slowly roasts away.

Once the hog roast Guildford was cooked to perfection, the meat needed to rest. I used this time to slice the bread rolls and arrange the apple sauce, stuffing and condiments on the serving table together with the serviettes. When it was time to serve the hog roast, I sliced off bits of crispy crackling and carved joints off, slicing pork pieces into trays. Each of the fresh bread rolls was filled with crackling, pork slices, apple sauce and stuffing and this small pig provided enough meat for everyone to have seconds.

I discreetly cleared away and left the party guests to play animal charades, monkey tag and jungle scrabble, content that I had filled their tummies with delicious food.