Hog Roast Gomshall – Spring Wedding!

We love this time of year. Spring is our favourite time of year and perfect weather for what we do. We are a very well established catering company and travel far and wide for our customers no distance is to far for us! This week we were catering with Hog Roast Gomshall for our all time favourite event a Wedding! We just love a Wedding and had been particularly looking forward to this one for some time.

When we arrived we unpacked and set up the machines and put the tables up and then a separate table was erected for the preparation of the side dishes. Our staff all know their roles and each one all doing their thing some seasoning and cooking the meat others preparing salads, slaws and dips, we are good all rounder’s and work well as a team. When the bride arrived we all gasped, as she looked ever so radiant such a beautiful bride and her husband was a handsome chap too! As soon as the formalities were over we began to serve the Hog Roast Gomshall.

We made pork and stuffing, the pork was sliced in huge slices so moist and juicy the stuffing was moist and crisp we also cooked a huge piece of beef, the beef equally was just as good and ever so tender no tough meat from us! Our machines cook the meat to utter perfection and we get such a joy slicing the meat and a bigger joy seeing the guest’s enjoyment! Along with the meat we served roasted potatoes fluffy and soft on the inside and crisp on the out side we added vegetable and salad dishes to the tables along with slaws and gravy. Presentation is very important to us as it a true saying you eat with your eyes! The food went down a treat! Lots of happy smiling faces as we said our goodbyes. Heading back in heavy traffic we still hadn’t stopped, as we were busy answering emails and talking to future clients via phone our day never ends but that is the reason we are where we are today as one of the UK’s best catering company.