Hog Roast Dorking Catering For Our Repeat Customer

When you decide to use professional catering services, you need to know that you’re in safe hands and with Hog Roast Dorking, you always are. From our strict hygiene standards and certification to our tasty, wholesome food made from high-quality, local ingredients, we always go the extra mile to ensure that our customers’ guests are treated to great hospitality and service, and that our customers can spend more time relaxing together with their guests instead of worrying about the food. Not to mention that we’re easy on the pocket, too, especially for larger events with hundreds of people, as a hog goes a long way to feeding the masses.

Hog Roast DorkingNevertheless, if you’re planning a smaller party, Hog Roast Dorking is just as great a choice, and if you’re thinking of featuring food other than a hog roast, or indeed in addition to one, we tick all the boxes there too. Whether you need special diets or personal tastes catering or even if you want us to provide extra dishes or a menu of several courses to cater for bigger appetites, we’ll do you proud.

A few weeks ago, Tom contacted Hog Roast Dorking about his business event that he needed catering. Having used our services multiple times in the past, both for corporate and private parties, Tom was already well-versed in what we provide and knows how versatile we are when it comes to offering choice and variety. For this particular function, however, he knew that most of his fifty guests would dearly love to be served our amazing pigs in buns, which is what we make from scratch after roasting a hog fresh at your venue for hours on end. We create these slices of heaven by adding the freshly-cooked meat and crackling to fresh bread rolls and adding dollops of our homemade apple sauce and stuffing, and you’re guaranteed to be back for more.

On this day, late in the afternoon, Tom and his guests all came back for seconds or more until the hog had been stripped clean, and that’s when we know we’ve satisfied everyone’s hunger and done exactly what our customer needed.