Hog Roast Camberley – Corporate Catering For 100 Hungry Guests

Hog Roast Camberley loves to cater all kinds of parties and events and has done for a long time now, and we’re well-known for corporate functions among many others. Whether you’re inviting just a few guests or a few hundred, for an intimate occasion or a massive event, in the car park or gardens of your workplace or at a large hotel with conference facilities, we can easily manage anything that you throw at us. We have plenty of menu options to please you and your guests and we even encourage you to create your own menu so that you can ensure first-hand that everyone gets to eat our tasty food at your event. Variety and choice are important to us, as we know how important it is to our customers, and we aim for everyone to be able to enjoy what we provide.

For a recent corporate function locally, with 100 guests invited, Hog Roast Camberley was asked to cater at a sports club. Ray called us to book our services, asking us to feed the guests mainly our delicious pigs in buns but also to provide alternative options for some vegetarian guests. This is never a problem for us and always achievable, whether due to dietary needs or personal tastes, so we talked Ray through several choices that we offer for vegetarians and he decided those guests would love to try our veggie skewers. Made with halloumi and various vegetables, we grill these fresh and serve with a lovely dip and pitta bread, and they are enjoyed by non-meat eaters as much as veggies, and we sometimes make them vegan if needed too, by omitting the cheese.

Hog Roast Camberley attended the event on Thursday, and met up with Ray at the sports club hours before service, ready to roast a hog to absolute perfection. It sizzled away for nearly five hours outside in the chilly air, and once done, while the meat had a short rest, we made sure the skewers were grilling. Soon after, we crammed bits of pork and crackling in wraps and rolls, topped with stuffing and apple sauce, and got ready to serve both the carnivores and the vegetarians lots of scrumptious food.