Ella’s Farewell Party With Hog Roast Ashford!

Ella graduated from university at the start of summer and was embarking on the gap year she had decided to take after completing her degree. She was planning on hitting the big ‘gap year’ destinations in Asia starting in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. However, the trip was going to last for around two months and there was an opportunity for it to last even longer so Ella wasn’t going to see her family and close friends for a while so she wanted to organise a party to say a short-term goodbye. She decided to hire the Hog Roast Ashford team to cater for her garden party and couldn’t wait to have one last celebration with her friends and relatives to enjoy Britain before she left for a few months. In addition, she wanted to hire the team to have a great last meal of fantastic British food before she embarked on her travels.

Hog Roast AshfordOn the day of her farewell party, in mid-summer, the Hog Roast Ashford team arrived early and set their small stand up in Ella’s parents’ garden, readying to cook the Hog Roast for Ella’s guests. They arrived, some of them baring gifts for her travels, and they began to mingle in the garden, discussing Ella’s first few destinations. The Hog Roast team were incredibly friendly to Ella’s guests and boosted the mood of the party as many of the guests were slightly sad about not seeing Ella for a short while.

The Hog Roast Ashford team served up the freshly cooked food onto a beautifully presented buffet for the guests of the party. There was a huge variety of food on offer including meats flavoured with a huge array of spices which were complemented by the great selection of sides available. The food went down really well with Ella’s guests and her catering choice pleased everyone. The team were praised for their friendly and polite nature and Ella expressed how they delivered a brilliant service. Overall, the guests were very impressed by the food and the service and they couldn’t have picked a better choice. Again, another party completed by the Hog Roast Ashford team.