80 Guests At A 50th Birthday Party In Shalford!

Hog Roast Shalford were delighted to be asked to cater for around 80 people at a 50th birthday garden party; catering for this type of event is something that Hog Roast Shalford excels at alongside catering for weddings and corporate events and a selection of menus is available that will ensure that guests will always go away fulfilled and satisfied that the food that they have eaten has been high quality, delicious and with a professional service whether we are catering for over 280 guests or for 80.

For all events, Hog Roast Shalford always liaises closely with the client to ensure that all expectations are met (and regularly surpassed!) and that the most appropriate menu is selected.  For this type of event, we have a selection of six menus and we discussed with the client, which would be most suitable.  The menu selection ranges from informal, Hog in a Roll food to more formal sit-down catering and for most occasions, clients opt for a straight choice of the menu but in some cases, especially when guests have specific food allergies or requirements, Hog Roast Shalford will gladly customise the menu to the client’s expectations.

For this special birthday party, the client opted for Menu 1 which is the classic Hog in a Roll or otherwise known as Pig Rolls, and is a great menu option for outdoor, informal events where the guests are mingling and talking as they are tucking into our delicious food.  There are many good caterers for this type of event but one of the things that makes Hog Roast Shalford stand out from the rest and be recognised as a great caterer is our ability to cater for a wide range of events and tastes with a very professional service and the very highest quality food.

Upon prompt arrival, we set up the roast in the garden area to much amazement from the guests and with a serving time of 6pm, they couldn’t wait to get started and sample the delicious food that we had; needless to say, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event and our food with some great feedback complementing our food and service.