21st Birthday Party – Hog Roast Chertsey

We were catering for a 21st birthday last week with a hog roast Chertsey at an evening event held in a club in town. Catering for 300 and it was bitterly cold as we left can definitely feel snow is on its way we thought. When we arrived we were met by the guys parents who had organised the event. They told us their son is really looking forward to the hog roast Chertsey more than the party itself! We were shown into the room and tables were already set out all we had to do was cook. We placed a nice plump pig on the machine and we then set about the task of peeling the potatoes, people ask is it not easier to do them before hand but we always say no we like to do what ever we can at each event from scratch, a little effort but well worth it we think. We sliced the potatoes into wedge shapes and drizzled them in oil and sprinkled them in a mixture of herbs and spices and set them onto cook.

As the meats cooked we then set about making the side dishes salads, coleslaw, dips and dressing were all made using nice fresh vegetables, we mix all our dips and sauces from scratch and love coming up with new flavours for our guests to enjoy. Soon everyone was starting to fill up the room and all intrigued at the sight of the hog roast Chertsey and then the birthday boy arrived and came over to us and said he couldn’t wait to try the meat and he didn’t have long to wait as we had then just removed and sliced the crackling, he said that was his first taste of crackling and he was very impressed as were the other guests. The pork was so succulent and we cut it into slices and the guests were all eager to sample. The wine started to flow and all were merry and full! As we cleared away we had guests come over to us asking if we could cater for them too we handed out some cards and we know we will be getting a few calls backs as we always do.